Romer Portable Arm Video | New and Used Romer CMM Arms | Used Faro CMM Arm

ROMER is the industry leader in portable CMM arms, and Exact Metrology offers a wide variety of sizes ranging from 2 meters up to 4.5 meters. Every ROMER articulated arm is manufactured from carbon fiber, which makes them extremely lightweight and portable. The carbon fiber also ensures that accuracy can be held over a large temperature range. The new Absolute arm features proprietary encoders that eliminate the need to home the arm on startup.  It’s simple: if the arm is on, it is ready to operate.
The ROMER 6 axis hard probing arm has the ability to run on battery and WiFi, eliminating cables on the shop floor. An operator can use the arm on the shop floor to perform inspections, machine setups, and fixture builds. A person can quickly measure their parts and get immediate feedback of in and out of tolerance conditions. ROMER arms can also be utilized by your inspection team to perform full 1st Article inspections using many different software packages.
The Romer 7 axis hard probing and laser scanning arm offer the same shop floor ready hard probes as the 6 axis arms, but also add a 3D non-contact laser scanner. The first option is the brand new, 1st of its kind, fully integrated laser scanning system from ROMER. This means that the scanner is fully integrated directly into the wrist of the arm and has been certified as one unit using B89 standards. With this scanner, you can capture complex geometry at speeds of 30,000 points per second. Our second option is a 3rd party external 3D scanner that mounts on the traditional 7 axis arms. This scanner utilizes internal cabling, but gives the option to switch them between multiple devices including other ROMER arms and conventional CMM’s. With these external scanners, data can be captured at rates ranging from 23,000 pts/second up to 458,000 pts/second.


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